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What is pharmacogenomic or pharmacogenetic testing ?

Pharmacogenomic testing, also known as pharmacogenetic testing, is a special DNA testing / genetic testing to determine how your genes or genetic makeup can alter your body’s response to certain medications you take to treat your medical conditions or illnesses. The origin of the word is from pharmacology, which is the science of medication/drug metabolism; and genomics/genetics, which is the science of inheritance, genes and their respective functions. Each cell of the human body has several thousand genes that function to determine what your body is physically and how your body functions.

A subset of these genes is responsible for how your body uptakes and processes medications, in an overall process known as drug uptake and metabolism. In the special type of DNA testing / genetic testing known as pharmacogenomic testing, certain mutations of genes involved in medication/drug uptake and metabolism are analyzed to detect their presence or absence. Furthermore, these DNA testing / genetic testing findings are correlated with respect to the science of how these mutations in certain genes respond to medications/drugs that you take to treat your medical conditions or illnesses. Other factors such as your diet, lifestyle, age, ethnicity and other medications that you concurrently take for treating different medical conditions or illnesses may sometimes influence how your genetic makeup could respond to certain medications/drugs.

Who should take pharmacogenomic testing and why is pharmacogenomic testing important for you ?

When a biological specimen such as saliva or blood is taken from you and analysed, this DNA testing / genetic testing essentially provides insights on whether a medication is suitable for treating your illness or medical condition. Since your genetic makeup does not significantly change over time, you will only need to take the test once.

At CEN4GEN, we offer you a comprehensive pharmacogenomic test that will provide a blueprint of an extensive list of several hundred common medications used to treat a wide spectrum of illnesses in the population and is a valuable medical resource for your health. It is recommended that all of CEN4GEN pharmacogenomic testing results be shared with your healthcare providers to ensure that you get the best support for treating your medical conditions or illnesses. Pharmacogenomic testing is currently unavailable for all medications and especially for over the counter medications.

However, the science of pharmacogenomics is evolving and with future advances in science and medicine, you may choose to retake this genetic test with CEN4GEN in the future years pending on how much more advances have emerged in this field of DNA testing / genetic testing. CEN4GEN frequently updates its pharmacogenomic testing platform with emerging evidence based pharmaceutical, scientific and medical discoveries.

The need for a pharmacogenetic test is decided on an individual basis. This DNA testing / genetic testing is very useful for those individuals who seek better health/medication treatment options, because pharmacogenomic testing can provide you with important insights on:

1)whether your current medication is effective in treating your current medical condition;

2) what is the best recommended dose of your current medication that can more effectively treat your current medical condition;

3) whether there are other less expensive or more potent options of medications that can be used instead to treat your current medical condition;

4) whether there are other medications that you can use that have less adverse side effects including allergic reactions, that you can use to treat your current medical condition. Together with your healthcare provider, information gathered from this type of genetic testing is very important to determine which medication can potentially best treat your current medical condition or illness. Because this DNA test / genetic test highlights a list of medications and their responses to you based on your genetic makeup, this DNA test / genetic test can further help you in accomplishing faster treatments leading to significantly faster recovery from an illness on many occasions.

In addition, it offers more cost effective treatment incentives in which you could spend less each year on medications needed to treat your illnesses. Because you and a biological family member share similar genetic makeup to a certain extent, your testing results could also potentially imply that a biological family member may have a similar response to certain medications and therefore, it is recommended to share your pharmacogenomic test results with your biological family member(s) who may be seeking better treatments for their illness or medical condition. Together with your healthcare provider, recommendations could be made to your biological family members regarding this type of DNA testing / genetic testing and how it could benefit their health.

How much does pharmacogenomic testing cost ?

The costs for pharmacogenomic testing varies depending on the thoroughness of the available testing options. Moreover, some medical insurance programs may reimburse this type of DNA testing / genetic testing depending on their policies and reasons for testing. CEN4GEN does not make any claims of guarantee that any or all of its pharmacogenomic testing options can be reimbursed fully or partially by a medical insurance program. You should ask your medical insurance provider if you are covered or not. Finally, the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) generally prevents health insurance providers from discriminating against you based on your DNA testing / genetic testing results. GINA could have modifications in its policies depending on where you live, therefore, you should ask your local provincial/state officials to determine how you are protected by GINA.

To learn more about CEN4GEN pharmacogenomic testing options or to order a test, contact CEN4GEN at contact@cen4gen.org, and a representative will guide you with the testing process and provide relevant information for you and your healthcare provider.

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