Wildlife and Conservation genomic services

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CEN4GEN wildlife and conservation genomic services
Wildlife genomics help you obtain and understand genomic information or DNA derived from animal and plant wildlife species. Part of wildlife genomics is the scientific discipline of conservation genomics which essentially focuses on using genomic applications with the intent of preserving the viability and biodiversity of living organisms; and is important for wildlife management and the conservation of species. CEN4GEN genome services assist you in establishing species identity, species genetic barcoding, genetic diversity, extent of species hybridization, effective population size and demographic history.

CEN4GEN supports your wildlife and conservation genomics research by using quality, efficient, cost-effective and leading-edge technologies with a team of experienced scientists in multidisciplinary genomic research. CEN4GEN wildlife and conservation genomics services include:

  • single cell genome sequencing services (whole genome, whole exome, targeted exome, RNAseq)
  • new genome discovery or de-novo next generation whole genome sequencing services
  • whole genome next generation re-sequencing services
  • mitochondrial genome next generation sequencing services
  • RNA next generation sequencing services
  • ChIP next generation sequencing services
  • pyrosequencing services
  • customized designed genotyping services
  • de-novo sequence assembly (bioinformatics) services
  • genome data analysis (bioinformatics) services, including:
    • comparative genomics
    • genome sequence annotation
    • genome variant analysis
    • customized data analysis
    • genotype analysis for specific traits (including diseases and desirable traits)

CEN4GEN wildlife and conservation genomics services are for research purposes only.


For more information and a quote, please contact research@cen4gen.org and include a description of your service needs.

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