Paleogenomic services

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CEN4GEN paleogenomic services

Paleogenomics help you obtain and understand genomic information or DNA retrieved from extinct species of the distant past. Sources are from fossilized plants, animals and microbial organisms. A notable facet of paleogenomics is with the fascination of dinosaur genetic testing. CEN4GEN paleogenomic services assist your research to better understand the history of life on earth, species diversity and extinction, and subsequently the evolution of organisms over distant time.

CEN4GEN supports your paleogenomics research by using quality, efficient, cost-effective and leading-edge technologies with a team of experienced scientists in multidisciplinary genomic research. CEN4GEN paleogenomic services include:

CEN4GEN paleogenomics services are for research purposes only.


For more information and a quote, please contact and include a description of your service needs.

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