Environmental genomic services

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CEN4GEN environmental services

Environmental genomics help you establish an interplay between genetics, physiology and ecology. Environmental genomics is an important component of environmental testing. Part of environmental genomics involves CEN4GEN metagenomic services which use advanced, efficient and cost-effective genome tools to analyze complex microbial communities of the environment and to assist you in identifying species composition and diversity, as well as detecting how microbial communities change or interact in response to exogenous environmental agents. Sources used for environmental and metagenomic testing include soil, arctic and antarctic glacial ice, oil sands, fresh water and marine water sampling.

The benefits for CEN4GEN metagenomic analysis include:

  • ability to study microbes in the native environment
  • since most microbes are non-culturable, there is no need to culture samples
  • highly sensitive and more accurate in detecting existing, as well as new microbial species

There are many advantages of environmental genomics applications, including:

  • improving an understanding of an interplay between microbial communities and environmental changes or environmental stressors
  • identifying and augmenting an understanding of environmental toxicological responses
  • identifying and developing preventable measures to environmental problems
  • developing measures to detect, decrease or prevent pollution
  • re-mediating and restoring the environment

CEN4GEN supports your environmental genomic research by using quality, efficient, cost-effective and leading-edge technologies with a team of experienced scientists in multidisciplinary genomic research. CEN4GEN environmental genomic services include:

CEN4GEN environmental genomics services are for research purposes only.


Please note that also available at CEN4GEN is its clinical metagenomic services, as part of the CEN4GEN epidemiology genomic services.


For more information and a quote, please contact research@cen4gen.org and include a description of your service needs.

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