Biomedical and Epidemiology genomic services

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Biomedical and epidemiology services

Biomedical genome research involves studying the genomes of both human and model organisms. CEN4GEN biomedical genome services support your research to better understand human biology, and to identify the genetic basis of normal and disease traits. We further help you discover new clinical biomarkers, as well as develop new or more effective therapies for the clinical management of patients. Our genome research services on model organisms aid in improving your understanding of the biology of living organisms.

As part of biomedical genomics, we also provide molecular epidemiology genome services which involves quality and cost-effective whole human genome re-sequencing as well as genotyping using the most advanced technologies. CEN4GEN molecular epidemiology services assist you to identify genetic factors which may contribute to either biological and/or environmental cues. Moreover, our metagenomic services help you identify with higher sensitivity and accuracy community microbial populations in the native environment, without the need to culture samples. CEN4GEN offers both research based metagenomic services, as well as clinical metagenomic services for the identification of microbial species.

CEN4GEN supports your biomedical and epidemiology genomic research by using quality, efficient, cost-effective and leading-edge technologies with a team of experienced scientists in multidisciplinary genomic research. CEN4GEN biomedical and epidemiology genomic services include:

CEN4GEN biomedical and epidemiology genomic services are for research purposes only.


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