Agriculture genomic services

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CEN4GEN agrigenomic services

Agriculture genomics, also known as agrigenomics, is commonly referred to as animal genetic testing, plant genetic testing, livestock genetic testing or crop genetic testing. Agrigenomics help you obtain and understand genomic information or DNA retrieved from common crops and livestock in agriculture, as well as identify community microbial populations that have relevance in agriculture. CEN4GEN agrigenomic services support you in better understanding traits from crops and livestock. We further assist you in identifying with higher sensitivity and accuracy community microbial populations in the native environment such as soil or animal saliva, without the need to culture samples. We support farmers, breeders and scientists in finding genetic medical conditions, and desirable or advantageous traits that would inevitably benefit crop and livestock production, as well as provide improved incentives for the agricultural economy.

CEN4GEN supports your agrigenomics research by using quality, efficient, cost-effective and leading-edge technologies with a team of experienced scientists in multidisciplinary genomic research. CEN4GEN agrigenomic services include:

  • single cell genome sequencing services (whole genome, whole exome, targeted exome, RNAseq)
  • new genome discovery or de-novo next generation whole genome sequencing services
  • whole genome next generation re-sequencing services
  • whole exome next generation sequencing services
  • targeted exome next generation sequencing services
  • customized genome sequencing services
  • whole genome metagenomic next generation sequencing services
  • 16S (prokaryotic) and 18S (eukaryotic) metagenomic next generation sequencing services
  • whole genome CGH and SNP array services
  • RNA next generation sequencing services
  • ChIP next generation sequencing services
  • pyrosequencing services
  • customized designed genotyping services
  • de-novo sequence assembly (bioinformatics) services
  • re-sequence alignment and variant analysis (bioinformatics) services
  • genome data analysis (bioinformatics) services, including:
    • comparative genomics
    • genome sequence annotation
    • genome variant analysis
    • customized data analysis
    • genotype analysis for specific traits (including diseases and desirable traits)

CEN4GEN agriculture genomics services are for research purposes only.


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