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Uncover your genetic potential

Each of us has our own unique genetic potential. Understanding that potential, gives us insight into our health, our healthcare treatment and our future. By choosing the genetic tests or DNA tests that are best suited to your health and history, CEN4GEN genetic testing can offer peace of mind and empower you to make educated decisions about your health and your future.

  • What genetic conditions you can pass onto your children.
  • Your likelihood of developing medical conditions that impact your metabolism, heart, sight, hearing, skin, bones, hormones , memory and so on.
  • Your risk of developing some forms of cancer.
  • Determine effective treatment options for your cancer.
  • Prenatal and in-vitro fertilization testing options to help in diagnosis of potential medical problems with your planned or current pregnancy.
  • Newborn testing to help in diagnosis of medical problems in your newborn baby.
  • Infertility genetic testing if you have difficulty conceiving.
  • Support your doctor’s medical diagnosis, treatment, medication, or to get a confirmation of a diagnosis.

Why Choose CEN4GEN ?

CEN4GEN is committed to providing quality, comprehensive, private and confidential genetic diagnostic services to support your health and your future. Our private genetic testing services offer you a wide selection of customized, unique and sometimes rare testing options currently unavailable elsewhere. Our priority is to ensure you get the most comprehensive testing results so we use advanced technologies and offer testing of every medically relevant gene in the human genome. Our certified staff are experienced professionals in the fields of genetic biology, bioinformatics, molecular diagnostics and personalized medicine.


  • We expedite the waiting times for diagnostic testing services, by providing you private and confidential diagnostic testing results faster.
  • We provide consultation support.
  • We value high standards, ethics and integrity for the services we provide.
  • Our state-of-the-art technology provides quality and reliable results.
  • We offer affordable, customized testing services to match your history and health needs.
  • We excel as a leader by offering an extensive diagnostic test menu.

Make informed decisions about your health

CEN4GEN offers over 1800 different genetic testing services, cancer, infectious disease, as well as personalized medicine services. We work with you to identify which genetic test or DNA test is relevant based on your health and your history and help you choose which approach is best for you. We offer the following:

The Testing Process

CEN4GEN guides you and your healthcare provider through the process of choosing which tests are most relevant to your health and the steps necessary to complete the testing. To learn more about a test, the pricing and to order a test, call CEN4GEN at 1-844-CEN4GEN or write to and begin the testing process.

CEN4GEN is available to answer your questions and provide any guidance necessary. We provide you consultation support regarding all genetic testing services that you have undertaken with us, from our experienced and licensed panel of clinicians including: genetic counselors, clinical geneticists and pharmacists who have experience in genomic medicine.


The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) generally prevents health insurance providers from discriminating against you based on your DNA testing / genetic testing results. You should contact your local provincial/state representatives to learn how you are protected by GINA. Please note that Genetic testing services for health purposes may be covered by some private medical insurance programs. Contact your health insurance provider to confirm what coverage you have for these services. CEN4GEN will issue a receipt that can be submitted to your health insurance provider for reimbursement. Furthermore, patients in consultation with their doctors can apply to their respective provincial or governmental health services to cover costs for CEN4GEN diagnostic genetic services. CEN4GEN does not make any claim of guarantee that any or all of its genetic testing services for health purposes can be reimbursed through your private health insurance plan, or provincial/governmental health services.


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