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Genetic testing, Preventative Medicine, Personalized Medicine / Precision Medicine and Diagnostic services

CEN4GEN offers more than 4000 molecular diagnostic tests with relevance to genetic disorders, cancer, infectious diseases, preventative medicine and personalized medicine / precision medicine. This includes the ability to analyze more than 6000 medically relevant and disease-associated genes found in the human genome.

CEN4GEN has an experienced healthcare professional staff who utilize state of the art genome analysis technologies and up-to-date scientific and medical resources to provide cost effective, comprehensive, quality, private and confidential diagnostic testing services. All testing is performed in accredited environments, which further reinforces the high standards, accuracy and quality of CEN4GEN diagnostic services.

CEN4GEN diagnostic facility

Why do our diagnostic services excel ?

How do our services help your clinical practice ?

We expedite the waiting times for diagnostic testing services, by providing you private and confidential diagnostic testing results faster.

We provide consultation support for you and your patients.

We help you understand clinical symptoms, to make diagnostic decisions, and to provide better treatments and patient care.

We help you determine whether your patient is a carrier for or at risk of developing a medical condition.

Within the context of preventative medicine, we help in the early detection of certain clinical conditions of your patients by using early detection molecular medicine strategies, and such could be used to delay or prevent disease progression.

Results from our services help your patients make reproductive and lifestyle decisions.

Within the context of personalized medicine / precision medicine, we provide you with more definitive clinical diagnosis, as well as alternative treatment options especially for cancer patients, improved choice and dosage of certain medications which are uniquely personalized to each of your patients.

We provide confirmation in the diagnosis or risk of a medical condition.

We help you unravel potential molecular mechanisms of a medical condition, especially for diagnostically challenging/puzzling medical conditions.

We excel as a leader by offering an extensive diagnostic test menu.


CEN4GEN offers your clinical practice a wide spectrum of diagnostic testing services, including for:

The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) generally prevents health insurance providers from discriminating against DNA testing / genetic testing results. You should contact your local provincial/state representatives to learn how you and your patient are protected by GINA. CEN4GEN diagnostic services can be ordered by a physician or authorized healthcare practitioner. Our services for health purposes may be covered by some private medical insurance programs. It is the patient’s responsibility to verify what is covered by his/her private health insurance plan concerning reimbursement of genetic testing services for health purposes. CEN4GEN will issue a receipt for its service to the patient which may be used for submission to their private health insurance plan for reimbursement. Furthermore, clinicians in consultation with their patients can apply to their respective provincial or governmental health services to cover costs for CEN4GEN diagnostic genetic services. CEN4GEN does not make any claim of guarantee that any or all of its genetic testing services for health purposes can be reimbursed through your private health insurance plan, or provincial/governmental health services.

How to learn more about a test and to order a test ?

CEN4GEN diagnostic testing process

To learn more about a test, contact CEN4GEN at 1-844-CEN4GEN or write to


CEN4GEN will provide step-by-step instructions to order a test, pricing and other information necessary to order a test, such as test requisition and patient consent forms. We provide you and your patients consultation support regarding all genetic testing / preventative medicine / personalized medicine / precision medicine services that you undertake with us, from our experienced and licensed panel of clinicians including: genetic counselors, clinical geneticists and pharmacists who have experience in genomic medicine.

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