Why choose CEN4GEN for diagnostic testing ?

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We provide private and confidential services which expedite the waiting period for delivering results to you.

We are a leader in medical genetic testing / preventative medicine / precision medicine / personalized medicine services with more than 4000 genetic tests; making our test menu among the largest in the industry.

We use cutting edge technologies to analyze samples.

Our services are rendered by professionals with extensive experience in the fields of genome biology, bioinformatics, medical genetics, genome medicine, molecular diagnostics, preventative medicine and personalized medicine / precision medicine.

Our services are compliant and consistent with current standards in the fields of molecular diagnostics, medical genetics, genome medicine, preventative medicine and personalized medicine / precision medicine.

We offer affordable custom medical genetic testing to address the client’s needs.

Our priority is to ensure that your needs are met to maximize your diagnostic objectives.

We value high standards, ethics and integrity for the services we provide.

All testing is undertaken in accredited environments, which further reinforces the high standards, accuracy and quality of CEN4GEN diagnostic services.


At CEN4GEN, your health and diagnostic genetic testing needs are our priority.