Frequently answered questions

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What software or algorithms are used for data analysis ?

CEN4GEN uses the most effective pipeline of open-source tools. The researcher can also discuss with CEN4GEN custom designed data analysis pipelines and preferred open source tools to be used in his/her bioinformatics project.

How do I send my data ?

A) By registered mail

Recommended for data being more than 500 Gigabytes.

All materials and/or hard drive storage devices should be shipped to the CEN4GEN headquarter via a registered courier service. It is important to inform CEN4GEN at the package tracking number and name of courier service provider at the time of shipment.  Shipments are accepted Monday through Friday, except on Alberta and Canada statutory holidays. The Service Quote number should be mentioned on the shipping label.

Attn: Customer service / Service Quote #________________
6756 – 75 ST NW
Edmonton, AB
Canada T6E 6T9

B) By URL or cloud-based storage link

Recommended for data being less than 500 Gigabytes.

All data files and supporting materials must be compressed into a single archived file.  Specify the URL or cloud-based storage link with user name and password access in an e-mail to  Please ensure to include a description of the contents of the file, and the Quote #_______________ .

What types of payment are accepted ?

CEN4GEN accepts bank wire transfer, as well as payments made by credit card, from both Academic and Non-academic Clients. Refunds will be issued either by bank wire transfer, or by credit card, to the Client.  All projects being paid by Academic Institution purchase orders must have a valid purchase order number sent to CEN4GEN at or FAXED to 587-329-9566, as soon as possible. Project commencement and/or the data analysis report shall not be released without a valid purchase order number or receipt of payment.

When will I be invoiced ?

Upon receiving all necessary Client data, documentation and/or materials unless otherwise specified in an agreement in writing between the Client and CEN4GEN, the Client shall be immediately invoiced. CEN4GEN has no obligation to commence the bioinformatics services until the terms of the Invoice have been fulfilled by the Client; and a delay in payment will result in delaying the average turnaround time for the project deliverable(s).

What are my options for delivering the data analysis report ?

CEN4GEN provides your data analysis report: 1) online via cloud-based storage access, or 2) registered courier mail via an external hard drive or USB storage device, to your shipping address. An additional fee shall apply to all data provided by mail.

When can I expect to receive my results ?

Turnaround time can be as early as one week after receiving all necessary data and/or documentations, but could vary depending on factors including CEN4GEN’s workload of the number of data sets to analyze and the project complexity.

How long will my project data be stored ?

Unless otherwise specified or requested by the Client and agreed in writing with CEN4GEN, any data, data analysis report, documentations, samples or materials provided by the Client and generated by CEN4GEN for the research project will be securely destroyed sixty (60) days after the completion of the requested service. The Client must ensure that it is his/her/their responsibility to have backup copies or reserves of such data, data analysis report, documentations, samples or materials.