CEN4GEN, a Canadian owned, licensed corporation, excels as a leader in providing diverse services for genomic applications. CEN4GEN’s ultimate commitment is to provide quality, vital, comprehensive and cutting-edge molecular diagnostic and personalized medicine services, as well as diverse, efficient, quality, cost-effective and advanced genome research services using leading-edge technologies. CEN4GEN® is a registered trademark.


CEN4GEN Genome Research Service highlights

CEN4GEN provides quality, diverse, efficient, cost-effective and advanced options for next generation genome sequencing (NGS), genotyping, genome array, and genome sequencing applications by using leading-edge technologies with a team of experienced scientists in multidisciplinary genomic research. Together with biomedical genomic research, CEN4GEN supports new genome discoveries from existing, newly identified, and extinct species, as well as identifying unique or disease traits in agricultural, wildlife and veterinary/pet genomic applications.

CEN4GEN advanced genome services consist of diverse applications, including:

  • Biomedical and epidemiology genomics
  • Agriculture genomics
  • Veterinary genomics
  • Wildlife and conservation genomics
  • Environmental genomics
  • Paleogenomics
  • Archeogenomics
  • Bioinformatics


CEN4GEN Personal Genome Service highlights

CEN4GEN provides individuals as well as multiple family members comprehensive personal genome services which essentially analyses their complete genome sequence for findings relating to diagnostic, carrier, predisposition risks, pharmacogenomic and potential chromosome anomalies. This CEN4GEN service is an in depth analysis of an individual’s genome, and therefore provides an effective and informative blueprint as well as resource on decoding someone’s personal genome with respect to health and medical conditions.


CEN4GEN Preimplantation testing Service highlights

CEN4GEN offers several advanced preimplantation genetic testing options for doctors, and parents in the process of conceiving a child. Preimplantation genetic testing helps you identify genetic problems very early within embryos that are created by in vitro fertilization (IVF), before an official pregnancy starts. This benefits high risk couples with a family history of genetic medical conditions, by lowering the risk or even preventing the transmission of certain known genetic condition(s) in a pregnancy.


CEN4GEN Infertility and Carrier testing Service highlights

CEN4GEN uses advanced genomic methods to provide infertility testing services for those individuals who may have difficulty conceiving, as well as several options for Carrier testing for those individuals planning to have a child. This service is offered to both males and females.


CEN4GEN Pharmacogenomic Service highlights

CEN4GEN offers a comprehensive Pharmacogenomic screen of several hundred genetic markers which can assist a clinician in suggesting appropriate medications, as well as their dosage and toxicity in the treatment of certain medical conditions. CEN4GEN comprehensive Pharmacogenomic testing helps in more efficient, improved accuracy and cost effective patient care.


CEN4GEN Clinical Metagenomic Service highlights

CEN4GEN offers advanced clinical metagenomic services to determine the bacterial, fungal and viral microbiome composition of human biological specimens, and to indicate relevance to infectious diseases and health.


CEN4GEN Diagnostic Service highlights

As a Canadian enterprise, CEN4GEN excels as a leader by offering comprehensive clinical laboratory testing that have relevance to DNA or Genetic testing and Personalized medicine.

  • Comprehensive test menu with more than 1800 molecular diagnostic tests and over 230 sequencing and deletion/duplication gene panels, for genetic disorders and personalized medicine.
  • Options available for diagnostic, carrier, supplemental newborn screening, cytogenetic, biochemical genetic, infertility, and prenatal testing.
  • Rapid and cost effective diagnostic services, with average turnaround times of 4 to 8 days, available for several testing options.
  • Analysis of more than 5000 medically relevant and disease associated genes of the human genome.
  • Available diagnostic testing for cancer, cardiac disorders, obesity, eye disorders, language and speech disorders, seizures, metabolic disorders, neurological disorders, lung disorders, movement disorders, bone disorders and many more.
  • Exceptional quality, reliability and standards.
  • Use of cutting-edge technologies and application of current scientific and medical knowledge.
  • Experienced and qualified professional staff.
  • All testing is performed in accredited environments, which further reinforces the high standards, accuracy and quality of CEN4GEN diagnostic services.